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Why ILS ?

Higher Efficiency

• Selection of LED lamps on the basis of higher lumen efficiency (172 lm/W) from most reliable brand CITIZEN .
• LED Lamps with defined current to achieve maximum lumen efficiency (No over driving of Lamp).
• Selection and usage of constant current LED drivers on basis of higher efficiency ( > 90%) from most reliable brand MEAN WELL.
• Highly efficient Borosilicate glass optics having > 95% light transfer efficiency.

Higher Sustainability

• We are using COB type LED lamps which can withstand up to 140oC Temperature. We are maintaining minimum case temperature to achieve higher sustainability.
• Selection of Appropriate LED drivers having OverVoltage, Short Circuit, Surge, Over Temperature Protections .
• Highly sustainable Borosilicate glass optics can withstand up to 500oC without any deformations. It can withstand with any environment condition.
• Effective Thermal Management increases all over sustainability of the fixture.

Unique Thermal Management

• Capable to design thermal management system with required surface area counting instead of weight basis.
• Designing heat sinks on basis of fins ratio, fins position, airflow for maximum utilization.
• Using high effective aluminum material in thermal management for high heat conductivity and low heat resistance,We are capable to select material to achieve the high thermal absorption and dissipation.
• Designing Thermal management with consideration to elegant aesthetic look and user friendliness.
• We are managing Case/Junction Temperature 40% lower than LED Temperature limitation through innovative thermal managment.

Optics Design

We design our products for required light spreading angle according to application with use of effective glass optics. We have ready sourcing of wide range of optics ranging from 5 o to 120o spreading angle including multiple spreading angles to cater specific requirements.